Wests Master Fours – Washed Out

Day 1 – 5th Feb – 11 Masters Teams nominated to compete for the honour of holding the Master Fours Championship Title for the next twelve months.  The morning games were played in overcast conditions and some drizzle.  Despite the conditions there were some closely contested games and great bowling to be watched.   The afternoon games were played in worsening conditions and the rain bought about a few stoppages.  For anyone who stayed to watch the last game of the day finished they were treated to some fantastic bowling as the game was drawn at 19 each after 21 ends. A deciding end was played with the lead changing a number of times and ultimately the skips had the last say.

Day 2 – 6th Feb – Loomed to be a great day of finals competition with Bonnie Gordon’s (Toowoomba BC) team playing Thelma Cooper’s (West Toowoomba BC) team and Maree Gibb’s (Composite) team playing Karen Livingstone’s (West Toowoomba BC) team in the other Semi Final. Unfortunately the greens were closed due to the rain, so no play on day 2.

Day 3 was washed out and the competition had to be called off.  Unfortunate but we do need that rain. Thanks to all the teams who competed.  Hope to see you back next year.